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The following article featured in The Bristol Post on 7th June 2017


An entrepreneur has launched a club to help people get the most out of their money – while improving the lives of everybody in the greater Bristol area.

Derrick Royall, who has worked in financial services for more than 30 years, has set up the Royall Wealth Club to help people make money from investing in local firms and projects.

Derrick, who has worked with a number of leading accountancy and wealth management firms, said giving something back makes us happier.

Derrick, who lives in Bitton with his wife of 28 years, Karen, and their two children, said: “Ultimately we all want to be happy, though we may have a different take on what it involves.

“For me, research and experience has taught me that the more we can share, the happier we will be. On the other hand, holding onto all our worldly possessions can lead to dissatisfaction and ultimately an empty life.”

But he warns it is important to take care of your own finances first before trying to help others.

Derrick, who also runs Royall Wealth Management in Portland Square to help people achieve greater financial security, said: “It is important to look after yourself first.

“There is no point being destitute and so not being able to help others. It’s important to understand your numbers as many people do not know how much money they may need to maintain their preferred lifestyle.”

Derrick works with people to understand how long they may need to work for, taking into account potential stress factors such as illness.

The Royall Wealth Club looks at three areas for well-being: health, wealth and happiness.

Derrick, who volunteers through Rotary and networking group What’s Right in his spare time, said: “We only live once and it’s important that we make the most of our time on this planet.

“There is no point working hard and earning good money if you are not in good health to enjoy it. Time is a precious commodity and we can gain more of it by looking after ourselves.

“Secondly, happiness tends to come from experiences, rather than material items, and sharing. Finally, wealth is not just about how much you’ve got, but what you do with it.

 “People often want to invest their time, money and energy into projects which matter to them.

“Volunteering has been shown to keep us more active and alert in later life.”

He said the club would suit a mix of people – from entrepreneurs approaching retirement to aspirational businessmen and women.

As well as investment opportunities, the club provides members with access to mentorship as well as special offers and discounts from local partner businesses and from national firms such as Apple, Amazon, Vue Cinemas and leading high street stores.

It holds quarterly meetings, which are open to non-members, with a view to exploring various aspects of health, wealth and happiness with a range of engaging speakers and thought leaders.

Derrick said: “It’s a group for like-minded people to meet and help themselves and others to be financially independent and successful.”

The next Royall Wealth Club event, ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind,’ will include guest speakers Dr Judy Haworth, dementia research specialist at Southmead Hospital and Ben Smith, who ran 401 marathons in 401 days.


It will take place at The Watershed on Tuesday, July 4, from 6pm. Proceeds from the evening will go to charities BRACE, Dementia Research and the 401 Challenge. For more information about the Royall Wealth Club, visit the organisation’s website at

We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

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