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Damon Rand of CEPRO

We recently met with Damon Rand, co-founder and Head of Product Development with Clean Energy Prospector (CEPRO).

CEPRO is a Bristol-based energy services company that is helping to build the smart grid. Damon’s business is to develop networked energy meters, solar equipment, street lighting and other devices, which provide their customers with real-time, high-resolution data to measure performance, identify equipment faults, plan energy upgrades and visualise processes more effectively.

Damon is a visionary engineer with a strong entrepreneurial background. What comes over loud and clear in conversation with him is his passion for the potential of technology to benefit our environment.

"Our pilot heat and power microgrid here in Easton has been a great success over its first winter of operation. The cost of renewable district heat from our Energy Centre has come in slightly cheaper than the previous gas heating system while reducing carbon emissions to approximately 40 percent previous levels. We are really excited about the opportunity to extend deliver the system on our first large scale new build development in Bristol in early 2018."

Damon has excellent technical abilities in many areas. However, what impresses most is the entrepreneurial spirit and vision that has driven his personal success. He epitomises the principle that your own earning power, rooted in your own ongoing education and job skills, is your most valuable asset.

Damon’s career history bears this out. Armed with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Canterbury in his native New Zealand, he began his professional life as a web systems administrator. From there he progressed to becoming a web developer, an analyst programmer, and then a consulting engineer, before co-founding his own successful tech company. 

But Damon’s vision encompasses a far bigger picture. He recognises that his own personal security and the success of CEPRO depends on the health of the community and the planet. This concern is what ultimately drives his will to succeed in his chosen field.

Damon's example amply demonstrates how the pursuit of personal financial success need not be at odds with creating a healthier and safer world.

CEPRO are currently seeking funding for their growth plans and information can be obtained via The Royall Wealth Club.

We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

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